A sea of places and a thousand faces

In the name of the goddess

Asia's biggest football rivalry


Step into a world of real-time cinema where each tour unfolds with a scripted narrative personifying the place. Locations are hand-picked based on the storyline, and our guides become narrators, crafting a live storyboard.


A Sea
of faces and
a thousand places

Embark on a cinematic journey through Kolkata in a day to get local,
unveiling the city’s soul. This immersive tour seamlessly blends iconic landmarks with hidden gems, offering a
perfect orientation. From historic monuments to vibrant markets, this tour
will make you absorb the essence of Kolkata, forging a genuine connection to its
culture legacy.


6 people


9:30AM - 3:30PM



Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence

Scene 1 : Ms.South Kolkata

Location: Rabindra Sarovar

Meet the vibrant, Ms. South Kolkata! Dive into the contemporary vibe, discover the lives of iconic figures shaping the city’s spirit. Wander through trendy neighbourhoods, where lush greenery meets bold architectural expressions.


Scene 2 : Victorian Calcutta

Location: Dalhousie Square

Step into the captivating era of Victorian Calcutta! Cruise down her memory lane to witness the birth of this vibrant metropolis. Marvel at imperial neo-classical architecture, stroll through intricate grid patterns, and discover timeless tales from iconic heritage landmarks that shaped Victoria Calcutta’s enchanting legacy.


Scene 3 : Merchant Calcutta

Location: Barabazar and Bowbazar

Dive into the heart of Merchant Calcutta! Stroll through the energetic pulse of commerce, and explore the rich tapestry of her trade. Discover the essence of this bustling city, where every step tells a Merchant’s tale.


Scene 4 : Liberating Calcutta

Location: College Street

Ignite your spirit of freedom with Liberating Calcutta! Uncover the brilliant minds that sparked thoughts of liberty. Hear the tales of legends and fighters who ushered in the Bengal Renaissance. Immerse in the revolutionary vibe at The Indian Coffee House, where history echoes freedom!


Scene 5 : Charming Old North Calcutta

Location: Sovabazar

Be enchanted by the timeless charm of Old North Calcutta! Unveil her pre-megapolis essence where time fades away. Explore ancient occupations, primitive lifestyles, and immerse in spiritual threads. Wander through narrow lanes with fusion architecture and encounter her lifeline, The Ganga.


Scene 6 : Back to the Future

Location: Howrah Station

We end the tour with a special ferry ride, going under the colossal Howrah Bridge to step back to the future.

What people who have taken our tour are saying

Mayukh Dasgupta

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Shrijit took us on a whirlwind tour across Kolkata, introducing us to the many faces of the city. He brought us through the peaceful suburbs and bustling bazaars, the cafes and bookshops that gave birth to many student movements, and the buildings and neighborhoods that revealed the city's sordid colonial past. He structured the tour as a film, and ...Read More


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The time spent with Shrijit is memorable and the best thing that happened on this journey. To see Kolkata through the eyes of shrijit and engage in a conversation with him is intriguing, he knows the city from native and cosmopolitan lenses, he discusses history and geography with you. The random Hindi words he uses are cute in his accent while he ...Read More

Yeshi C

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I took this tour with my friends and we had a fantastic time. Srijit is fun, thoughtful, thoroughly professional and a great storyteller. Unlike most city tours that take the cookie cutter approach and cover just the historic landmarks in a rush, this tour lets you soak into the rich history and vibrant culture of Kolkata.You get to experience the ...Read More


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One of the best tours I have done. I did the Kolkata - A Sea of Faces and A Thousand Places (local guide) Immersive Small group Tour. However, it was just me so had a private tour. Guide was brilliant. Great way to have an 'alternate tour of Kolkata'. Local life. Learnt and saw so much. ...Read More


We encourage using public transportation (taxis, tuk tuk and ferry) in the general tour.

Please carry a minimum of Rs. 500 for food and travel

Private Tour includes air-conditioned vehicle, snacks and drinks at iconic joints

Take this tour to getlocal in one day

In The Name
of the Goddess

Discover the people, places and stories that come together to create the magic of Durga Puja. From the shores of the Ganges
to award winning pandals, get a unique insight into the workings of this world renowned festival.

Partition of Bengal and
the birth of Asia’s biggest
Football rivalry

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