8 people

5:30AM - 8:30PM


Kolkata: Midtown Madness

Tour Description

Experience "Midtown Madness" in Kolkata! Immerse yourself in the pulse of Kolkata's streets, tasting iconic flavours and discovering hidden gems along the way. Let the story lead you through the magic of the City of Joy!

Tour Details :

Duration: 3.5 Hours

Group Size: 8 People

Price: Rs. 2850/ person

Time: 5:00 pm


  1. Expert Local Guide,
  2. Local Transportation,
  3. All Fees and taxes,
  4. Bottled Water,
  5. 12+ Food tastings
  6. 1 Non- Alcoholic Beverage


  1. Tips and Gratuities,
  2. Any personal expense,
  3. Alcoholic Beverage

Private Tour:

At Rs. 4,500 per person includes air-conditioned vehicle and other inclusions

Meeting Point: Oberoi Grand Hotel Entrance, New Market

Gather outside The Oberoi Grand Hotel Entrance at 5 pm. As you mingle with fellow participants and our lively guide, anticipation builds for the adventure ahead. Once introductions are made, you'll be immersed in a captivating storyline that unfolds in real-time, keeping you engaged and intrigued every step of the way.

Narrative Sequence

Scene 1: Hullabaloo

Location: New Market

Start at the heart of Kolkata’s bustling fashion and street shopping market. Dive into the world of chaats—a beloved genre of street food. Taste the iconic Phuchka, a crispy fried ball stuffed with a medley of mashed potato, salt, and spices, guaranteed to awaken your senses with its explosive flavors, savour the tangy crunch of Jhaal Muri, a light and popular snack comprising puffed rice tossed with onions, cucumbers, mustard sauce, chickpeas, and crunchy batter fries. Then, indulge in the comforting warmth of Aloo Tikki Chaat, featuring grilled potato patties topped with chickpeas, tamarind sauce, and a hint of sweetness, crowned with crispy batter fries. Finally, conclude your chaat expedition with Dahi Phuchka, where the crispy fried balls are stuffed with creamy mashed potatoes, tangy yogurt, and a blend of tamarind and sweet sauce.

After a chaat adventure, it’s time for the world-famous Calcutta Kathi Rolls, paratha wrapped with mutton and salad.

Scene 2: Gossip

Location: BB Ganguly Street and Bidhan Sarani

Hop on the metro to reach Asia’s largest retail marketplace. Pause for an evening darshan at a 200-year-old Kali temple. Built by a Portuguese devotee of the goddess, it’s a testament to Kolkata’s rich cultural tapestry. Blessed and energized, make your way to Kolkata’s oldest sweet shop, serving up legendary Bengali treats for nearly two centuries and arrive at College Street. Pause at a century-old café for a glass of its famed coconut drink, steeped in history and tales of freedom fighters who once frequented its tables. Next, board a local bus to an iconic eatery serving fritters for over a century to sample their renowned Mango Fritters, bursting with the tangy sweetness of green mangoes and their secret ingredient, along with flavourful Onion Fritters made from various grams and onions.

Scene 3: Camaraderie

Location: Shovabazar

Stroll through the enchanting alleyways of Old North Kolkata to reach a joint famed for its Prawn Cutlet cooked in clarified butter.

Ending Point: Broadway Bar and Restaurant

Conclude the night in a youthful atmosphere at a lively old school bar in central Calcutta. Renowned for its Mutton Kosha, Bhetki (Asian bass) and draught beer, it’s the perfect end to this adventure.


Things to Note

1. We encourage using public transportation (taxis, tuk tuk and ferry) in the general tour.
2. Private Tour at ₹4500 includes air-conditioned vehicle, snacks and drinks at iconic joints.

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