7 people

6:30AM - 10:30AM


Kolkata: Chasing The Sun

Tour Description

Specially designed for photography, this small group tour is an experience to witness this vibrant city coming to life as the sun rises over its bustling streets. Dive into the city's vibrant awakening, blending culture, bustling markets and culinary coolness!

Tour Details :

Duration: 4 Hours

Group Size: 7 People

Price: Rs. 2500/ person

Time: 6:30 am


  1. Expert Local Guide,
  2. All Entry fees,
  3. All Fees and taxes,
  4. Bottled Water,
  5. Tea,
  6. Traditional Breakfast and Sweets,
  7. Local Transportation


  1. Tips and Gratuities,
  2. Any personal expense,

Private Tour:

At Rs. 4,000 per person includes air-conditioned vehicle and other inclusions

Meeting Point: Victoria Memorial Lions Gate Entrance

Meet your Guide at the Lions Gate entrance of Victoria Memorial. This is a one-of-a-kind tour that follows a story titled, "Chasing the Sun". We'll begin our journey in the early hours of the morning, watching as Kolkata awakens from its slumber. From the serene banks of the Hooghly River to the bustling markets and vibrant neighbourhoods, you'll witness the city's rich culture and heritage unfold before your eyes.

Narrative Sequence

Scene 1: Fields and Ghats

Location: Maidan and Flower Market

The day begins with a fascinating glimpse into Kolkata’s morning hustle. On one side, witness the city’s industrious spirit in South Kolkata as you stroll past locals engaging in their morning jog amidst sprawling greenery and the majestic Victoria Memorial providing a striking backdrop. On the flip side, dive into the vibrant chaos of the flower market under the colossal Howrah Bridge where trade intertwines seamlessly with religious rituals at a nearby ghat.

Scene 2: Para

Location: Bagbazar and Shyambazar

Peek into the heart of Bengali living. In Kolkata, the word “para” means a locality or neighbourhood which holds significant meaning. A para defines more than just your address; it moulds an entire mindset. Our journey takes us deep into the heart of a 300-year-old North Kolkata para, where we’ll immerse ourselves in the daily rituals and culture of its residents. Prepare for a unique experience as we visit a 200-year-old eatery, indulging in an authentic breakfast dish that’s been savoured for generations (vegan friendly)

Scene 3: Merchant Calcutta

Location: Bowbazar

Dive into Central and East Kolkata’s urban labyrinth, bustling with vibrant markets and a myriad of colours. Get to explore cosmopolitan neighbourhoods and bustling markets, including the oldest Chinatown of India, a marketplace renowned for its spices and vegetables and a visit to Kolkata’s grandest mosque. Get ready for an enchanting mix of cultures and experiences in this dynamic part of the city—a haven for street photographers.

Ending Point: Mother Teresa’s House

After a day of chasing the sun, we find solace at Mother Teresa’s house, pausing for reflection amidst the city’s chaos.


Things to Note

1. We encourage using public transportation (taxis, tuk tuk and ferry) in the general tour.
2. Private Tour at ₹4000 includes air-conditioned vehicle, snacks and drinks at iconic joints.

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