6 people

9:30AM - 3:30PM


Kolkata: A Sea of Faces
and a Thousand Places

Tour Description

Step into a world of real-time cinema where each tour unfolds with a scripted narrative personifying the place. Locations are hand-picked based on the storyline, and our guides become narrators, crafting a live storyboard.

Tour Details

Duration: 6 hours
Group Size: 7
Price: ₹3000/person
Time: 9:30 AM
Includes:  Expert Local Guide, All Entry fees, All Fees and taxes, Bottled Water, Tea
Excludes: Transportation and Food (We use local transport for commuting and stop at local joints.
Private Tour: At ₹5500 includes air-conditioned vehicle, snacks and drinks at iconic joints.

Narrative Sequence

Scene 1
Victorian Calcutta Location: Esplanade and Dalhousie Square Step into the captivating era of Victorian Calcutta! Cruise down her memory lane to witness the birth of this vibrant metropolis. Marvel at imperial neo-classical architecture, stroll through intricate grid patterns, and discover timeless tales from iconic heritage landmarks that shaped Victoria Calcutta’s enchanting legacy.

Scene 2
Back In Time Location: Howrah Ferry Point We take a short break from exploring and get rejuvenated by the breeze of the river Ganga with a ferry ride, going under the colossal Howrah Bridge and our journey continues towards the oldest part of the city.

Scene 3
Charming Old Calcutta Location: Shovabazar Be enchanted by the timeless charm of Old North Calcutta! Unveil her pre-megapolis essence where time fades away. Explore ancient occupations, primitive lifestyles, and immerse in spiritual threads. Wander through narrow lanes with fusion architecture and visit the renowned potter’s colony.

Scene 4
Liberating Calcutta Location: College Street Ignite your spirit of freedom with Liberating Calcutta! Uncover the brilliant minds that sparked thoughts of liberty. Hear the tales of legends and fighters who ushered in the Bengal Renaissance. Immerse in the revolutionary vibe at The Indian Coffee House, where history echoes freedom!


Things to Note

1. We encourage using public transportation (taxis, tuk tuk and ferry) in the general tour.
2. Please carry a minimum of ₹500 for food and travel..
3. Private Tour at ₹5500 includes air-conditioned vehicle, snacks and drinks at iconic joints.

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