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Week-long Tours


We have two standard week-long touring options covering Summer and Winter periods.

Check out each package in more detail via the links below, or from the menu!

And remember – these are just our regular packages. If you want to travel on different dates, stay for different durations, see other places, or you’d like to mix-and-match from what we have highlighted here on our website, Contact Us! We’re more than happy to design a travel experience that you won’t forget!

Summer Week-Long Tours

Summer week-long tours run from the start of June through until the end of September each year. We have a range of activities to share with you and postcard-perfect locations to visit. Best of all, this is a part of the world that celebrates its traditions, its history and its culture. Summer is a perfect time to visit and experience this most beautiful part of Austria for yourself.

Head over to our Week-Long Summer Tour page for more details and sights.

Winter Week-Long Tours

Summer is beautiful. Winter is just drop-dead gorgeous. Show and Alps mix perfectly here, and whether you’re wanting to get out and be active in the mountains, nestle into warm and cosy eateries, or discover a perfect blissful combination of everything, we’ll have just the answer. Some of the activities on the Week-Long Winter Tour do have date restrictions.

And again, we can customise dates, places, durations to suit you, and build a personalised tour package that you’ll never forget.