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Day Tours


Our day tours are just that – a short and sweet excursion. Enough to get a sense of how special our part of Carinthia is. Hiking abounds, and our guides are just the people to look after you. Come winter, snowshoeing is great fun, especially under moonlight. Mulled wine, or tea, will help to ward off the chill.

If you enjoy your experience (and you will), you can always extend it into a short-stay package, or come back the next day and let us take you on another adventure!

Summer Day Tours

Hiking to Kleiner Pal is magnificent, with a treasure-trove of historical World War 1 sites. Wolayersee is a beautiful location – imposing peaks and crystal-clear waters. And a sunrise hike, with breakfast, is a great way to start your day. Our Summer Day Tours page has further information!

Winter Day Tours

Snowshoes on? Sense of adventure packed? Clear mountain air breathed in (and out)? Check, check, check. Join us as we do the soft-shoe shuffle through pristine snow. Wunderbar! Pop over to our Winter Day Tours page for some more lovely views. Remember, don’t hold your breath for too long (even if our air is so fresh and clean). Visit us soon!