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Day Tours in Summer


Why not enjoy a guided hiking tour with our state qualified “Bergwanderfuehrer” hiking guides and be amazed by the landscape, history and nature that our area has to offer. A unique mix far from tourist crowds will leave you with a rewarding and memorable experience. If you’re after something different there are endless opportunities at our doorstep to suit every level of fitness and experience.

Our local guides know the mountains intimately and will work with you to provide a great adventure. If it’s climbing you’re after we have access to the best and highest qualified alpine guides in the region. Contact us for a quote. 

Kleiner Pal Historic Hike

Interested in World War I history? We’ve heard about the battles significant to the allied forces, including the Western Front, Somme, Gallipoli and other famous battles, but what about the battles that were also of real strategic significance to The Great War that we don’t hear so much about?

During World War I the border pass above Kötschach-Mauthen became a theatre for the Italian campaign of 1915–1918, when Italian Alpini troops tried to push northwards into Carinthia, though to no avail. As both sides soon concentrated on attrition warfare, numerous bunkers and tunnels were constructed, the remnants of which are still visible today.

The hike to Kleiner Pal encapsulates stunning views from start to finish and begins at “Plöckenhaus” where a cable system was developed to accommodate Austrian troops on the front line. During the hike you will have the opportunity to view and walk through WWI storage bunkers, tunnels and vantage points, which were dug into solid rock by soldiers fighting on the pass. Summiting the hike you will be able to explore the Austrian and Italian front line and trenches that have been preserved to the present day.

We then hike down on the Italian side of Kleiner Pal where there are also several chances to view remnants from the war. The hike draws to a close on the Austro-Italian border. There lies a single restaurant, frequented by village locals, where you will be rewarded with traditional home made pastas and house wine. (Post hike meals at own cost)

The important details:

  • Duration: approx. 6 hours
  • Equipment: Good sturdy walking shoes or hiking boots, rain jacket, snack and drink
  • Price: € 110,–  ( for 1-2 Persons) every further Person € 20,–


Imposing rocky peaks and crystal clear mountain waters.

Come and join us on a hike through this spectacular mountain arena. Upwards through “Valentin” valley we walk by the highest peaks of the Carnic Alps up to “Valentinthörl” the highest point of our hike. From here we hike down to Wolayersee where a splash of fresh alpine water will freshen you up before we sit down for a rest at the Wolayersee Hütte. Once we have soaked up the beautiful scenery and rested up we make your way down into Lesachtal via the Wolayer Valley with alpine meadows full of happy cows, past waterfalls and more amazing views.

The important details:

  • Duration: approx. 8 hrs
  • Equipment: Good sturdy walking shoes or hiking boots, rain jacket, snack and drink.
  • Note: meals and drinks available at Wolayersee hut (at own cost)
  • Price: € 130,– ( for 1-2 Persons) every further Person € 30,–

Sunrise Hike

A sunrise in the mountains is something special. See the  sun come up behind the mountains and dip the rocky peaks in a pinkish colour. Experience flowers opening their blossoms and first activity of the day like bumblebees buzzing by, eagles soaring above your head or groundhogs catching the first rays of warm sun…. All this over a simple but homemade and tasty breakfast on top of the mountain.

The important details:

  • Duration: 4 hrs
  • Equipment: Good sturdy walking shoes or hiking boots, water (head-torch supplied by Get Local Tours)
  • Included: Homemade breakfast with fresh bread, jam, Reindling and coffee/tea.
  • Price: € 60,–